Certification from the Ministry of Transportation (KEMENHUB)

As testament to the company’s engineering expertise and advanced manufacturing capabilities, Hariff Daya Tunggal Engineering (DTE) in late 2014 received an official recommendation from Indonesia’s Ministry of Transportation for two products from its diverse portfolio. On 23rd December 2014, the company’s electronic street signs were granted formal certification from the ministry upon passing a rigorous testing and application process. This follows on from Hariff’s previous success in receiving an official Ministry of Transportation recommendation for its solar powered streetlights (See Hariff DTE Solar Powered Streetlights) on 24th October 2014. Both recommendations are valid for a two year period ending in 2016, and are demonstrative of the company’s dexterity in developing products for numerous industries beyond the telecommunications sector.

This latest achievement should facilitate new opportunities for Hariff to work with construction firms and toll road operators in supplying its electronic street signs and solar powered streetlights. To date, the company has already worked with Jasa Marga, the leading state-owned toll road operator, to install solar powered streetlights on the Cipularang Toll Road in West Java. Going forward, the company plans to make this energy-efficient product available to the growing number of projects taking place across the archipelago to expand upon Indonesia’s roadway network.

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