Hariff – Panasonic cooperation agreement

Leading Indonesian engineering service provider PT Hariff Daya Tunggal Engineering (also referred to as “Hariff”) earlier this year signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with PT Panasonic Gobel Eco Solutions, a member company of the prominent Japan-based Panasonic Corporation. The mutual cooperation – signed in January 2015 – aims to provide environmentally responsible solutions in the form of products such as eco-friendly energy systems and lighting.

Hariff and Panasonic Gobel Eco Solutions previously partnered in researching technology for power plants and power storage. The recent agreement marks the latest phase of the strong ties between the two businesses in finding solutions for control systems and renewable energy. Given Hariff’s aim to expand into a wider market segment encompassing clients in the telecommunications industry and various other sectors, the collaboration is to focus on product development for the following areas:

  • Control Systems: To be developed for use by independent electronic devices, as well as for electronic devices integrated with a larger, more complex system such as houses, buildings or even smart cities.
  • Energy Solutions: To tap into and take advantage of Panasonic’s foremost products such as photovoltaic modules, energy saving lamps and air conditioner systems, to be integrated within Hariff’s portfolio of renewable energy solutions and reduce CO2 emissions. Hariff currently makes available PV Systems for rooftops and ATMs, solar-powered streetlights, and mobile power solutions.

Going forward, Hariff expects that this partnership will further its ability to meet growing demand for ground-breaking eco-friendly solutions beneficial to projects in the telecommunications sector. Building upon the company’s longstanding engineering expertise, this recent MoU signing is the latest step taken by Hariff to broaden its international network of partners and stands as testament to the company’s openness to pursuing similar opportunities for cooperation on the global stage in the future.