CEO Statement

Dear honorable consumers and partners,

The world is constantly changing with the dynamic of difficulties and opportunities. These changes are forcing us to continuously fix, innovate, and improve our values for customers.

Economic condition and business competition create more severe challenges and problems. Thus, we need comprehensive technical and commercial solution.

In 2016, Hariff determine to continuously to provide solution and technical innovation (including commercial) to our customers especially in power system, renewable energy, smart monitoring, military, and smart infrastructure.

We determine to continuously to develop superior and innovative products that actually provide real values, solve the problems, and improves your business performance.

With our capabilities, experiences, and achievements we constantly to develops ourselves by following up customers’ advices/requests and partners’ feedbacks.

Our desire continuously to provide superior products, valuable solutions and innovations for our customers.

Budi Permana
President Director

We are not trading company, but we are an engineering company. We provide technology solutions and products of customers’ demands, problems, and challenges.

We innovate technologies and products to provide real values and benefits for our customers.

Solutions & Designs

We will provide the best/optimal technology solutions to solve the problems based on surveys. These solutions are realized in form of system designs and products based on proven technologies.


We always innovate by provide solutions and new technologies to give better values and benefits.

Products Research and Development

With several of strategies, we develop products in order to satisfy customer to get better products than previously available in the market.


As an engineering company, we refer to technical standards required, in either domestic or international.


We perform the certification and testing from recognized third parties; against our production, therefore customers gain their convictions on our products

Engineering Company

Our Network

Our Achievement

The Pioneering of Industrial Technology 2008 for the design and manufacturing of “ Hariff Interoperability for Microwave Acces Hariff HiMAX231

Award from TELKOMSEL

Certificate TUV NORD Management system as per OHSAS 18001 : 2007

Certificate Quality System ISO 9001-2008

Certificate from KEMENHUB as produsen of PJU Tenaga Surya

Certificate from KEMENHUB as produsen of Rambu Elektronik